My dear, dear friend Pixie did one, and I felt inspired. So here goes.

Although you’d never know it from the way I live, I actually heart early mornings. When I can actually get up around 6am, I heart sitting on the sofa in the bright, whiter-than-white light with a cup of tea and my journal. I heart crisp white cotton sheets on the bed, which always look and feel so inviting. Maybe that’s why I haven’t been getting up early – back to polyester I guess! (Never!)

I heart hot musicians, especially brass players because they have great lips.

I heart long walks through deep woods, seeing the world through dappled breezy light and being serenaded by wild birdsong. I heart fresh, hot homemade whole-grain bread with fresh butter and jam, Bubbie’s Bread & Butter Pickles (the easiest way for me to get fermented veggies into my diet) and lemonade fresh-squeezed from the Meyer lemons in our backyard.
I heart thick, smooth pen ink, musical theatre, evenings with girlfriends, skirts in summer, sweaters in winter, and jeans all the time. I heart little mischief makers with their sticky fingers and faces, and can’t wait to have my own.