I’m on yet another leg of my long journey with food. A couple weeks ago I read this book on the recommendation of a new chiropractor, who told me that I’ve been eating too many fermented foods (could it be my favorite summer lunch of salami, cheese, olives and pickles?) and that I have some food allergies that are interfering with my digestion and organ functions. Rad! So I’m on Day 12 of an elimination diet to figure out what foods cause reactions. I’ve also taken a blood test to determine the same thing, and I should have results back in the next few days.

What does all this mean? Well, for the last 12 days (since an absolutely gluttonous weekend including two birthday parties and a wedding) it has meant no dairy, eggs, gluten, soy, peanuts, corn, or sugar. It has meant lots of yummy vegetables, some fruits, and some meat and rice. It has meant that meals out with colleagues or friends have generally veered toward sausage and potatoes with fruit for breakfast, or sushi with salad for dinner. I know, if it has the word “sushi” in it, it can’t be all bad! Well, it’s been all right. Lemon juice is a surprisingly tasty substitute for soy sauce on my Rock’n’Roll.

But I miss some of the foods that I’ve been eating a lot of this year, in order to build up a good supply of Vitamins A, D, & K2 and healthy fats before we start trying to conceive a babe of our own: namely, my beloved raw milk, butter and cheese, and the dozen organic pastured eggs we still get weekly from our CSA. These foods have helped me feel healthy this year, although I have carried a layer of fat on my body that appears to be melting away, and which according to the book I read is not fat, but water that the body retains to protect from molecules of foods it isn’t digesting well. Which makes me sad that maybe these foods that I love are doing harm as well as good and may need to be minimized or even eliminated. Sure, I’m still taking my cod liver oil a few times a week, and I put coconut oil in where I can, but I’ve slacked off on the bone broths and I need to pick up some liverwurst to make up for all the vitamins I’m not getting from the surprisingly Standard American Diet this book has me following.

(If you haven’t been following this blog so far, and are wondering what the hell kind of food I’m eating and why, visit this website to find out more.)

So, why this post then? Well, I guess I’m having a bit of a rant as I anticipate once again having a limiting relationship with food. One of the most healing aspects of this year of traditional foods, has been that I’ve let go of a lot of my rigidity and isolation around food. I’ve felt more free to eat what is given to me with gratitude, to become more connected to the food I buy, and to be much more open and adventurous with what I eat. I feel a joyful relationship to food again, for the first time in such a long time…and I’m afraid that having real live food allergies finally diagnosed will throw all this into chaos again, at least for a while. I have long known that gluten makes my intestines swell and…well, other GI problems further down the tube. I have long known that dairy makes my body puffy and my nose stuffed. (This has been better since I’ve switched to raw, but it hasn’t gone away completely.) I guess I just hoped that someday my body would get used to those foods and stop causing trouble, and that maybe if I supplemented my GI system with the wonderful microbes from lacto-fermented foods and such, that I would be okay. Well, I guess we’ll see what ultimately has to happen, and I intend to work very hard to maintain my joy of food, because food is friggin’ awesome and so much fun!

If you live with food allergies, I want to hear about it! How do you deal with it, get around it, not let it come between you and your connection to your food and food sources? Whether you do or not, I’d like to hear from you. I could use some advice and propping up. 🙂