Well, my food allergy blood test showed “about as clean as I’ve ever seen,” as my naturopath put it when he called with the results. Tiny reactions to dairy, and no reactions to anything else – even wheat. This is a little bit frustrating on one hand, because it doesn’t help me solve my questions about why my body reacts the way it seems to. Can it be…as Descartes insists…all in my head!?!??!!? Criminy, I hope not!

But there’s nearly always good along with bad…the good being that I can start adding back some of my beloved foods. I’ll keep doing challenges first – eating a food all by itself on an empty stomach and then watching for reactions over the next 24 hours, before adding it back into the diet. I had a glass of raw milk this afternoon as a bit of a celebration challenge, and so far so good. I think as long as I don’t have dairy every day, I’ll be okay. And what about my GI issues with wheat? Well, a conversation on MDC revealed that the blood tests don’t test for intolerances, so I may have to look there next. I also celebrated by making my own mayonnaise today…with real live eggs! Food is fun again! Tonight I think I’ll make salmon fajitas to use up the beautiful onions, peppers, and tomatoes we’ve been getting from our CSA the last few weeks.