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Sorry I’ve been away for a while…things have been a bit upside down, and unfortunately this blog has had to take a backseat to some major reordering. I may blog in the future about all that’s going on, but today is not the day. I thought, however, that I would share some photos of my recent crafty jag. I’m finally working on two projects for myself, but it’s been a lot of fun making things for loved ones.

Above left is the Sexy Apron I made for dear Julie, one of the juiciest women I know. Sorry the picture is small; I had trouble with the file. But you get the idea – hot pink printed fabric ringed in frilly black organza.

To the right is the Golden Compass hat I made for my niece. This is a pattern based on a hat in the film of the same name, and I just loved the whimsy of it – especially the pointed top that spikes off her crown like an elf’s ear.

Bottom left is a chunky tweed Never-Get-Lost scarf for my nephew. It actually buttons on with a big black button (a vintage find from my mother’s button box) so he won’t lose it. I stole this idea from Julie’s friend Justine, who had a button-on scarf when I saw her in November. I just thought it was the cleverest thing.

What’s in the works now? A skinny scarf made of the softest chenille you could imagine, in all shades of purple. And a simple, short black poncho to keep my shoulders warm on chilly February nights. When I wear them both I shall look a bit like a bruise, which would actually be quite fitting considering my emotional state these days. But I’ll be the most fashionable bruise!

More soon…thanks for dropping by.


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