The thunderstorm has started here in Maryland, where I sit typing by the open window full of green leaves dancing tympanically as the raindrops fall.  Summer thunderstorms are my favorite kind; the air snaps with electricity and lightning of every color slashes the sky as warm rain envelopes you in its comforting arms and leaves you gleefully moist.  Some of my favorite memories include spectating Minnesota thunderstorms from my aunt and uncle’s screened porch.

Today I received my first mail here, and something about that is really comforting.  Mail is the outside world coming to you, reminding you that you are remembered.  I’m trying a new service this rotation, where the post office bundles and forwards my mail to me once a week via priority mail.  Mostly it’s bills and a little junk mail, but still there is a solidity to it.  Eight weeks seemed a little too long to go without my regular mail, and I’m sure Eric (we’ve tried various blogonyms but none stuck so he’s going to be just who he is – my lovely Eric) is a bit tired of opening everything by the light of our Skype connection to see what should be kept, forwarded or tossed.

If bills were the cake then the icing was sitting on top of my priority mail envelope, packaged in its own sturdy brown cardstock envelope: an art print by a beloved artist friend of mine.  I’ve wanted to buy one for quite some time, not only to support her but also because I absolutely love her art; but I don’t think I could have heard the message in any of her works until recently, when I started to open my creativity in a new way and invite inspiration from the depths within.  That was when Moose bellowed that she had lessons for me.

Pixie Campbell is one of my dearest friends and she is an Artist.  I capitalize that word to acknowledge her immense talent and commitment to creative process, of which I am in constant admiration.  We didn’t meet ten years ago in a Hollywood coffee shop called the Bourgeois Pig; poor Pixie and her bright red pigtails were nowhere to be found on that fateful day when a group of women met to start a weekly group dedicated to creative fire-stoking.  We picked up Pixie at the next meeting, and by the time the group found its form we were the Elements – four women (L to R: me, Barbara Anne, Pixie & Julie) who over the next decade anchored each other through countless moves, boyfriends, break-ups, weddings, babies, career changes, college degrees, and the ups and downs of the creative life.  Our once-weekly meetings have evolved over time; none of us lives in Los Angeles anymore, but the winds manage to bring us together once a year, exactly when we need it, for a luscious Elemental retreat which always includes chocolate, laughter, monumental waves of shakti and a big ol’ party at the corner of Creativity and Spirituality.  Pixie always shares her immense knowledge of animals and their medicine, so it was no surprise when the two began to come together in her gorgeous series of paintings, of which Moose is one.


“Moose carries medicine for those seeking to go to the murky depths to return with intuitive wisdom.  It symbolizes the primal feminine and contains the ability to open up unique and sacred energies, while teaching us how to draw life and nourishment up from our deeper selves.  Moose is commonly called upon by new mothers and those manifesting more creativity.”

I’m eating Moose’s lessons whole, and digesting them slowly and deeply into my soul-belly.  Pixie tucked in some of her postcards and a sweet note letting me know that some other animals wanted to journey along to me – they also have lessons for me when I am ready.  I placed all this big-love-medicine throughout the apartment: Big Moose will urge me to into my dream wisdom in the bedroom, while Mini-Moose sits here by my computer urging me to come to the keys and just. start. writing.  Hawk eyes my dressing table, Rhinoceros stalks the kitchen, and Owl circles the bathroom.  Blue Wolf…you haven’t found your perch just yet; I think you might be making a pitstop on your way to someone else.  What lessons do these lovely creatures have for me?…

I love being surrounded by art that is so meaningful and potent – that is just how art should be!  If Pixie’s work speaks to you, I hope you’ll support her too.  More in a future post, I’m sure, about the Handmade Revolution and how it might change the world.  For now, I’m off to meditate with Moose.