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I’ve had SUCH a wonderful time at home in between assignments – so fun and rich that I haven’t posted anything here – or stuck very well to diet and self-care regimens, and I totally don’t care.  Europe is a scant 16 hours away and I’ll get back to morning pages, the Primal Blueprint, and the constant challenge of being alone without being lonely.  But the past three weeks have been all about relationships, staying connected, and giving up sleep and routines for the sake of more time with people I love.  I went to Yosemite with my beloved Elements and had a luscious weekend of ritual and going deep.  Then I turned around and hit the North Coast with my boyfriend’s family for a few cool, damp days getting to know his family even better.  Last Sunday I hit the fantastic Graham-A-Rama cabaret where I got to see some familiar faces and hear the great talents of Kelly Daniells and company.  This past Tuesday my sister and I took her kids up to a mountain lake and camped under the stars for 3 nights – empowering for both of us, and great fun for the kids.

This traveling job has made very clear how important it is to stay connected, and to make time for people who are important to me.  I got to see some of them this time around, and while Europe is going to be AMAZING, I look forward to being home where so many lovely people make my life better.  And it won’t be long before I get to cuddle my honey and my sweet puppy dog!

And here’s my challenge to myself: 75 Days in Europe, via blog.  I hope to post every single day while I’m gone, to give myself and everyone else a running commentary of life overseas.  I’m excited to see what I learn about myself and the world while I’m over there.  Huzzah!  Stay tuned!