The things I love so much about traveling are the differences between cultures, and experiencing the daily unconscious ways that human beings live.  For that reason, I always find overseas travel much more satisfying than domestic travel – getting out of my comfort zone gets me awake, challenged, reminded that I am not home (in a delightful, delicious way).  Things like:

Here in Germany the computer keyboard is quite different – Z and Y are swapped, the ä is where the ‘ is at home, and it took me almost a full minute to find the @, on the same key as Q but using an additional keystroke to get to it.

Eggs are sold by the 6 or by the 10, not the dozen.

No matter what size food you buy, the nutritional content will be per 100g.

When walking down the street, it is customary to pass oncoming traffic on the left, not the right.  Trying to pass on the right gets Germans quite flustered.

Toilet bowls are freestanding and installed into the wall; to flush you hit a big button on the wall.  You’d be surprised how much cleaner an aesthetic this makes!

Speaking the native language, even terribly, will make for a friendlier conversation than starting with “Do you speak English?”  Even “Sprechen Sie Englisch?” can get you glowered at something fierce.  No matter what, start with “bitte” and end with “danke” and you’ll be all right.

I’m sure I’ll discover more but internet time is short, so auf wiedersehen until tomorrow!