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Pictures from my last day in Frankfurt: Die Alte Oper, kids in a fountain, a bird on the head of Goethe.

I. am. so. tired.  This morning I had to get up at 6am to catch my train to Nuremberg, close to where I’ll be working.  After a late start at sleeping last night (11pm) I got about an hour’s worth, until someone called me on my phone at midnight (caller unknown).  I missed the call, and the chance to get back to sleep.  Suddenly my stomach was grumbling and I remembered I hadn’t eaten much, and I was getting night-hunger symptoms: racing thoughts, sweating, can’t sleep.  So I dragged on some pants and ventured out into the airport in search of late-night food.  A pepperoni stick and bag of mixed nuts later, I parked myself and surfed the web for a good couple of hours before heading back to my room around 3:45am, where I journaled and read until finally I felt sleepy at 4:30am.  The wake-up call still came at 6am, and by the grace of God I got myself through my day, meeting the people I’ll be working with.  If I can just stay up until 8pm, then I can give in and sleep away this terrible brain-fog.

On the upside, Bavaria is beautiful.  And charming.  I can’t wait to roam.  But first, sleep.