Oh boy oh boy oh boy…I’m gonna do my best not to harp on this issue while I’m here, and only talk about the amazing dishes I try throughout the region.  But yesterday I believe I had my (accidental) first ingestion of gluten in at least a year, and I’m still feeling it today – tightness in my chest, difficulty breathing, digestive pain.  Not fun!  (Don’t worry, it’s going away now.)  One of the many challenges of living in a foreign country is figuring out what you’re eating.  It occurs to me that this issue is made more challenging by one of two things: 1) not knowing the language, and 2) having a body that hates a lot of foods.

It started out as a great Jaegerschnitzel.  It’s true.  A thin slice of pork cooked to perfection and doused with mushroom sauce (which I believe had the offending ingredient), with a side of fries that was a surprisingly perfect match for the meat, especially when dipped in the sauce.  I love German food and this was right up there.  Delikat!  By late afternoon, though, I noticed the symptoms starting.  Did this stop me from eating my leftovers for dinner?  Well, I had a few bites.  So. Good.  So not worth it.

Today, however, I finally visited the Alnatura organic market in nearby Regensburg, and apart from buying baking powder when I meant to buy baking soda, I think I did all right.  I found some old stand-bys and some new things to try (sauerkraut juice in a juice box? really?) and I am determined to do better from now on.  That will include eating more meals in my room, and when I’m out utilizing the hell out of the phrase “Ich bin allergisch gegen gluten und milch.”