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Yesterday and today I stuck close to home as work has gotten a bit overwhelming and I find myself finishing things up pretty late in the evening.  Plus, I’m finding out that traveling ain’t living & working, and vice versa.  I am here to work and serve, first and foremost.  After that, I’m here to live well and yes, that includes taking in as much of Europe as I can, but more importantly it means taking care of myself, not spending ridiculous gobs of money, and not running myself into the ground.  Luckily, I’m finding out that there’s a lot to do right here, just a stone’s throw away.

I currently live and work between two lovely little villages in the Bavarian countryside.  Parsberg is the slightly larger of the two, the one with a supermarket and gas stations and not one but two apothekes (pharmacies, sort of).  It sits on top of a sizable hill and is quite picturesque (although as of yet I have no pictures worthy of posting).  I’ve been to Parsberg a few times to run errands, get groceries, and enter the Autobahn for trips farther afield.

But tonight I went in the other direction, to explore the more diminuitive Hohenfels (all pictures were taken there today).  My work teammates and I took a nice 6km round-trip walk from our living quarters to the town center, where we snuck into an absolutely gorgeous little church, got lost with full bladders, and finally found the tavern we had heard could serve up good German food.  The town and tavern did not disappoint (I had an excellent steak topped with a fried egg, plus pan-fried potatoes and cucumber salad), and I have to say that based on this first wander, I’m totally charmed.  On the way home I even climbed a little guardrail to forage wild apples which I will have with eggs tomorrow morning.  This will make for a really nice pedestrian getaway, maybe for some midweek morning walks to the town bäkerei (bakery) to get a coffee and, if I’m lucky, a macaroon to start my day.  C’mon, how charming and European is that??