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Who’s tired of Regensburg?  Not me!  My teammates and I went on an impromptu trip last night; Julie had a parking ticket to pay (what a PITA that’s turning out to be, in a foreign country!) and we figured we could catch the Danube at sunset, and a good meal somewhere.  It was a delightful little weeknight trip, and we agreed to take more of these so that we can see the surrounding towns.  I think we are set on Dietfurt for tomorrow night.

I took videos this time; a new addition to the Wandernest blog experience!  I hope you enjoy.

After finding the police station and learning that Julie couldn’t, in fact, pay her ticket there, but has to go to another place which is only open about seven and a half hours a week, we stopped by the Dom for a quick sit from one of the balcony-like platforms, then hit it for the Danube River to see sunset from the Stone Bridge.  It was lovely.  The Stone Bridge was built in the 12th century, and it’s a pretty marvelous piece of engineering.  I particularly loved the big gate at the one end of it (seen in the slideshow above), with a clock tower and some fierce-looking stone saints.  From the bridge we caught sunset.

We also caught a harem of drunken Punks, who decided that we should take their picture.  Being good Americans, we obliged.

In the dim light of dusk we walked to the distinctive, triangular Haidplatz for a Thai dinner under the stars, serenaded by two guys, one of whom wheeled a piano into the square.  The piano sounded surprisingly good, considering all the travel.  My favorite tune of theirs was “Thriller”.  Unplugged.  Awesomeness.  (Graham-a-Rama, if you read my blog, this is for you.)

Dinner was fantastic and we decided to follow it up with a little gelato, just for fun.  Despite my dairy intolerance, I decided to have some, and I’m glad I tried it, even though I totally paid for it today.  Cherry Amaretto…sublime.  Only in Italy could I get better gelato, I think.

We got home late and I did lose some sleep, but it was totally worth it.

Today was a regular day of work, with a lunchtime stop into Parsberg for some toiletries and a quick look around.  Most of the shops close between 12-2pm, which was a bit inconvenient but I still vote it as very civilized.  Tonight after work I experienced stones of another kind: a luxurious, much needed 100-minute hot stone massage, courtesy of the best masseuse in the area.  Michaela was so kind and careful to make sure I was comfortable, and even threw in a quick spinal rub-down with St. John’s Wort oil – a new one on me.  Lovely all around!