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I don’t feel like I have much to write about today – the last two days have been your basic work days, a stray errand here and there but not much to “write home about” – or in this case, blog about.

Today after work I went on a 90-minute walk in the woods, to clear my head and move my body and see what I could see.  What I saw is above.  I’ve come to regard myself on outings as slightly incomplete unless I have my iPhone with me, and specifically my Hipstamatic app which I have absolutely loved from the moment I downloaded it.  It has become my “pencil”, to borrow language from Twyla Tharp‘s book The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life. It’s my primary creative tool these days, “the one tool that feeds [my] creativity and is so essential that without it [I] feel naked and unprepared”.  When I have it with me, I view the world differently.  I take note of the shapes and the light and the contrast and the bizarre elements.  I experience a certain creative synergy between showing up (by taking out the camera and using it) and surrender (because the Hipstamatic is quirky and you will never quite get the picture you meant to take) that is deeply satisfying as a creative practice.  And the practice is sharpening the practitioner; the strange boxy guru is teaching the willing student.  I am learning a great deal about my inner and outer worlds, looking through a digital frame on a pocket-sized computer.