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Yep, that’s how it happens here in Germany.  The weather is more bipolar than any I’ve experienced – sunny and warm can turn grey, windy and downpour-ish in minutes.  And I love it!  It’s invigorating to my soul, a cleansing energy that washes through me and leaves me feeling brushed off and new again.

Tonight, on my way to the forest, I stopped in Regensburg to finally get myself a proper jacket (H&M to the rescue with a perfect fleece zip-up for €24.95!) and as I exited the mall I felt the familiar pit-a-pat of a brewing storm.  I looked up and sure enough, the sky loomed heavy and charcoal over my head.  I got to the car.  The rain came.  I drove onto the street.  The rain became a car wash.  By the time I hit the corner we were in full downpour, with lightning and thunder to boot.  A smile crept across my face.  My heart opened.  I got the jolt.  Pedestrians in dresses and suits dashed headlong into the intersection, ignoring the streetlights altogether.  Patient, dry drivers waited understandingly.

I hit the road for Zwiesel and the storm followed me, determined to keep me company on the way.  It stayed right on top of me for almost two hours dead east, but we did part ways eventually as I turned north into the forest and the storm headed for the Czech Republic border.  The rain slowly eddied, but only completely for about five minutes – the exact five minutes that it took me to find the darkened but lovely Landhaus Karin and get inside and up to my room.  Then the rain bid me a fond goodnight with one final, resounding downpour.  I was hoping to fall asleep to the sound of it, but that particular storm belongs fully to the Czechs now.