I am officially in a fallow period, folks.  This is part of the creative process, I keep reminding myself.  There is time for sowing seeds, time for harvest, and time to let the fields lie fallow (empty) so they can recapture nutrients and richness in the soil for the next crop.  This is definitely that time.

Sunday morning I ate breakfast in the forest pension, and chatted a bit with the owners who confirmed for me that the forest Bavarians are a grumpy lot!  They were kind enough to take my €5 in cash and pay for my parking ticket via their online banking (parking tickets in Europe are a PITA unless you have a bank account here) and by 9:30am I was on the road back home.  It was a crisp-cold, beautiful misty morning, and I briefly considered overshooting my homebase by 90 minutes to hit Rothenberg since it’s been on my must-do list, but really at that point it was really my busy-addict that was wanting to go, just to check it off the list.  Thankfully that still, small voice inside yelled “Are you out of your freakin’ mind???  Have you been paying attention?  You’re tired.  Go home.  Rest.”  So I nixed that plan and just headed home.  Once there, I turned on the TV, worked on the sweater I’m making for my niece, and generally did a whole lotta nothin’ for the rest of the day.  Ahhhhh.  Yesterday and today I worked and did not much else.  Well, there are creative works happening and ritual practices (morning pages, meditation) still in place, but there haven’t been any huge inspirations.  And I think that’s just what my mind has needed.

Still, it’s nice to check in here and account for my days as I promised to do, and to actually notice that doing nothing can really be quite an accomplishment, especially when you’re addicted to busy-ness like I am.