A Mozartkugel, and the 40 cents that it cost

The week has been spent in quiet, excited preparation for upcoming travel, which is more and more what drives me through each week.  I have 11 full days of work left in this assignment, and if it sounds like I’m counting it’s because I am.  I say that with total gratitude for the many, many opportunities this work has afforded me over the last 15 months!  The work itself is good, and I feel useful, but I am skidding on burn-out after logging over 200 days away from home in 2010 (holy crap, can that be right??…uh, yep, that’s right), and so please understand that I am grateful to be looking at a few months off.  What fruit will those months bear?  I’m not sure yet, but the prompt seems to be to follow creative urges, and give them space, time and attention to bring them fully to life.  Whatever that means!

In the meantime, however, let’s talk travel.  This week I remembered how much I love travel itineraries – what is it about planning travelscapes that thrills me absolutely to my bones?!  And as an added bonus, this time I am planning from a more embodied place than in the past, which as it turns out, means that I am quite aware of when a planned day feels too full, or not in a good flow, or when it feels just right.  How exciting!  Anyone reading this blog who traveled me in past years will be smiling at the memory of packed and white-knuckled days of have-to-get-from-here-to-there-God-willing.  (A hair-raising day of travel from Lyngdal to Bergen, Norway comes to mind.)  I am the solo traveler’s Goldilocks, finding the just-right place.

Here’s a sneak-peek at the planning that’s gone on this week:

* The 3-day weekend (starting…NOW!) in Salzburg, Austria with two guided tours (“The Sound of Music” – of course! – and a daytrip to the Salzkammergut), a show at the Marionettentheater, a visit to Mozart’s birthplace, and a good amount of unplanned time to soak in the city.

* Next weekend’s whirlwind 27-hour trip to Prague, full of mystery and intrigue!

* The following weekend’s obligatory dirndl-clad daytrip to the opening day of Oktoberfest – I predict an unforgettable experience, as very likely the only sober person in all of Munich, watching and joining in the festivities of this quintessential Bavarian experience.

(* Three weeks from right now, Eric will be here!!!!)

* A few post-assignment days with international sister Sonja and her family in beautiful Hamburg, plus Eric and I will sneak in a daytrip to Berlin – rawr!

* And the topper: 12 glorious days in my beloved Ireland!!!  Ah, Ireland.


So tonight I write to you from a café table in the lobby of the very modern Downtown Salzburg Hostel.  “You Never Give Me Your Money” just finished and “You Really Got a Hold on Me” is ramping up, and blogging by candlelight to the Beatles just feels gooooood.  I’m tired from my 3-hour drive over the border into Austria, but excited about the three days ahead.  For surprisingly little money, I am doing Salzburg full-on tourist style.  Yes, I’m even taking the “Sound of Music” tour – how could I not??  And a lot more.  But not too much more.  Just right, remember?  Stay tuned to hear how it goes!

And just in case I haven’t said it lately, thank you for visiting my blog and sharing this journey with me from wherever you are.  It is a joy to have you as my companion.