California Poppies, Mendocino, July 2010.

When I got on the bus home from Prague, it didn’t take long for my head to start lolling like a sprung jack-in-the-box, my body registering the exhaustion of another fast-paced weekend.  I have had such an amazing time!  But boy howdy, working abroad and traveling for vacation are two totally different things.  My tired body seems to have let in a bug, and I have been completely dogged for the last two days while I do my best to peacefully restore health and energy, and give all I can in my last full week of work (my replacement arrives next Wednesday morning).  The tiredness has also let in a fair bit of homesickness, missing so many people back home and feeling the long-term effects of being out of people’s lives, and the community in general, for much of the last year.

So it’s an interesting time for me to consider the next work assignment that has been offered to me: 60 days in South Korea, mid-January through mid-March.  I have until tomorrow morning to accept or decline the assignment, and if I had to base my decision solely on how I’m feeling right at this moment, I would have to turn it down, which makes many people’s eyes bug out of their heads: how could I turn down this amazing opportunity??  I know, it really, really is!  For a lot of reasons.  Amidst the homesickness, exhaustion, and bit-chomping for some creative projects at home, though, it’s hard to envision packing up again and going off to the other other side of the world for a couple of months.  Yet I also realize that the job is a tremendously unique work and personal opportunity, it’s the promise of a good chunk of money, and of course it is a full four months out, which gives me ample time to rest and rejuvenate, connect with family and friends and loved ones, participate freely in whatever creative projects excite me between October and December, and hopefully get further clarity on the best way to embark on the new creative work path revealing itself to me.  So Eric and I are discussing the job and all it entails for both of us.  I’m also making time to meditate, and with the help of this awesome iPhone app I am making regular practice of checking in with my body and heart, coming down out of the spinning mind with all its “knowledge”, into the deeper wisdom found when I stay below the shoulders.

In the meantime, I’m on the sleep train for this week!  Good food, good self-care, and lots of sleep so I can get back on top of things.  This upcoming weekend will be awesome and quite a bit more low-key: a Saturday daytrip to opening day of the 177th annual Oktoberfest!  I’m excited to experience this enigmatic taste of Bavaria, even though I can’t even drink beer anymore – and thankfully the $35 round-trip bus from my front door to Munich and back has been very kind to my budget (thanks, work!).  I’m glad that it’s a daytrip, too, and that I don’t have to pack anything more than my purse for the excursion.  Sunday I might go and see Rothenberg, or I might stay in bed all day!

Question: When you have to make big decisions, how do you get to that quiet place inside that already has the answer?