It doesn’t look like a lot of stuff, does it?

This week I’ve been giddily, and then more giddily, preparing to leave my work assignment.  Tomorrow morning I put the final pieces in place to ensure a smooth transition for my replacement, and then I lug my stuff onto a train for Frankfurt so I can attend a final outbrief.  By the time I turn in the last of my papers, Eric will be over Omaha and on his way to European Central Time!

But tonight I am just looking at my stuff – I’m fascinated by it.  Every once in a while I envision all my belongings suddenly gone, and in my fantasy it is a great, liberating relief.  (I have witnessed a friend go through this and in reality, there is much more grief and loss involved.  But it is a fantasy, and you have to just let those live out their lives.)  So as I get ready to carry all my STUFF through (over the next 17 days) at least three train stations, a friend’s house, four airports and nine hotels…I am seriously reconsidering my packing list and wondering how I can make do with less STUFF, not only for my next trip (yes, I am going to Korea!) but also for life in general.  It brings me back to the 100 Things Project that I blogged about several weeks ago, and my longtime interest in living lighter, “having without possessing” as my friend Pixie recently quipped.  And yet, I also look back at this post and I still do think it’s a good list of must-brings for next time.  What’s the answer?  Maybe there is no answer.  Maybe it is a constant shifting, readjusting, finding one’s own balance not for a lifetime but for this one moment right here, may the next need and find its own equilibrium.

For now, I thank Snail for its beautiful medicine as once again I lift my home on my back and voyage forth, grateful for all that has clothed and cleaned and comforted me during the last – woweeeee – 59 days.

Onward!  Frankfurt!  Hamburg!  Berlin!  Dublin!  Ardara!  Leenane!  Inis Mór!  Galway!  Doolin!  HOME!!!