Chinese Lantern flower, Velburg, Germany.  August 2010.

Wondrous Samhain/Happy Halloween!  Welcome to Mother Nature’s New Year.

October has flown by and I am mostly recovered from a wonderful weekend with wonderful friends, during which I pretty much completely neglected my basic needs and ended up in a four-day-long bad mood that I just couldn’t shake, and which didn’t have any basis in reality.  The ensuing emotional hangover gave me time to come to terms (again) with just how sensitive my body is, even when I wish it wasn’t, and how important it is for me to take care of myself if I’m going to have the kind of happy, fulfilling life that I want to have (and, more and more often, am actually achieving!).  So it’s back to basics for me.

I have long loved personal growth projects that present themselves like little pockets of focused time.  The Artist’s Way was always appealing in its neatly packaged 12-week format.  Beginner’s yoga classes, often a 6-week proposition, feels just right.  I have been yearning to participate in the 40 Day Personal Revolution at my very favorite yoga studio, but as of yet their scheduled revolutions have fallen on dates when I’ll be away for part or all of it.  Mondo Beyondo has been calling my name for at least a year.  What is it about these programs?  For me there’s the comfort of a light at the end of the tunnel, and a system of accountability that keeps me focused and motivated.  I need one of these programs right now.  A Back To Basics program.  But why couldn’t I just create something like that myself?

Tomorrow begins November – a squeaky clean month, 30 days of possibility.  This week as I was recovering and detoxing from all the dairy, grains and sugar I ingested; all the sleep I missed; all the couch-potatoing I did; all the writing I didn’t do; I wondered to myself: what would it be like to live my best life for 30 days?  What priorities would come forward?  How would it feel?  What would surprise me?  Could I commit to myself for that long?  Eat well, journal, meditate, exercise, write, connect, forgive?

This Best Life Challenge seem like the natural next series of focus for me and for Wandernest.  I’m going to blog as often as I can about what happens when I put myself first for 30 days, and maybe it will inspire some conversation about what happens when you put yourself first, too.  What would your Best Life Challenge look like?

Tomorrow I’ll write out the plan, the manifesto, the declaration of intent.  And I will get to down to business.  May the best life win!