I have started this blog post about 17 times now, and I keep laying on that delete button.  What’s up?  I’m having a hard time distilling down into words what this is about for me.  I have no idea if my Best Life Challenge will be of interest to anyone but myself.  Is it navel-gazing?  Self-indulgent?  Merely a checklist that could as easily be found on page 97 of the latest copy of Self magazine?

To me it feels more profound.  It’s an honest commitment to myself to, for 30 days, pay attention.  To instill practices that bring me into more full presence and awareness.  It sounds heady, but in the end it is about simply showing up to my life, moment by moment.  The checklist is one way of monitoring progress.  It’s easy to see, rather black and white.  Another way is more intuitive and internal.  Checking in.  Feeling the feelings.  Am I in joy?  Ease?  Vitality?

First, the checklist.  There are six areas of life that feel basic and important, that need health in order for me to function well: physical, mental/emotional, creative, spiritual, relational, and financial.  When those six areas are in health I am a happy camper, so it seems natural that these would form the foundation for my Best Life.  Each day, I hope to tend to each area. That means:

Physical: I eat right, take my supplements, rest enough, and move my body.

Mental/Emotional: I meditate and I take 100% responsibility for my feelings, thoughts and beliefs.

Financial: I live within my means and maintain clarity about what’s going in and out.

Creative: I write my morning pages, take myself on artist dates, and devote some time each day to a creative project.

Spiritual: I surrender to what is and give thanks as often as I possibly can.

Relational: I show up and share love with the people who matter to me.

Next, the check-in.  How did today go?  I’d say 7 out of 10.  I did write my morning pages, but sacrificed sleep to do so and ended up with only 5 hours of shut-eye.  I ate right, moved my body (painted two rooms and went for a walk) and meditated.  I showed up and shared love with Eric by helping him with a project that really mattered to him.  But I woke up with some anxiety and didn’t succeed very well at tending to it and taking 100% responsibility for it.  I lived within my means but not with total clarity.  Tonight I feel overly tired and can’t really feel much else, but when I tune into my heart and belly I feel a wonderful sense of calm and presence, and a knowing that this moment is perfect and everything is fine, right here, right now.  It seems like a good time to end the day.

What would be on your checklist?  Share if you wish.  I’d love to know.