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trudging the pavement ribbon

toward home

i spied against

the brimming grey heaven

a skyscraping tree which

it seemed to me

dropped all its summer

all at once

and rained down its history

around my swirling head

the pavement now a

monet on fire

while i wondered

about the summer

gathered against my shoes

the tree reached up

and welcomed winter


I totally, completely blew my Best Life Challenge in the last two weeks of November.  Life got away from me and before I knew it I peeked at my blog and said, “Best Life Challenge?  What’s that?”  While I’m paying the price of letting self-care go so completely out the window, I also have to say that the last 20 days have been the Best Life I’ve had so far.

First of all, I got engaged!

On the bus to Berlin, September 2010.

Most of you reading this will already have heard the news, thanks to the Facebook revolution.  My honey and I made the decision to tie the knot almost two months ago, right after we returned home from Ireland.  We successfully kept it secret from everyone until Thanksgiving week, which afforded us some private time to savor our new level of commitment to each other.  Then we busted that news story wide open.

First, on the Monday before Thanksgiving, we hosted a lovely brunch with both sets of parents, both sisters and sisters’ kids.  Eleven of us piled into our little bungalow, and oddly enough the house held us all perfectly.  We made our announcement which caught everyone by surprise, but the shock wore off quickly and we were happily, tears-of-joyfully welcomed into each other’s families.  My sister immediately called bridal shops and set up four appointments – ah, we found our wedding planner early!

We had to embargo the story, though, because on Thanksgiving Day we would host two of Eric’s very best friends and their wives, for a little mountain retreat.  Eric and I cooked up a storm for our friends, and of course, completely forgot to take any pictures of the feast.  Trust me, it was good.  We shared our happy news, which was received with great joy and lots of wonderful advice on how to make our wedding perfect for us.  I made a hundred mental notes!  Friday morning the announcement went up on Facebook and everyone was free to share the love.

It ended up being a perfect cascade of announcements and excitements – we’ll tell the story for years to come.

In the midst of all these wonderful events, I prepared and performed two Graham-a-Rama cabaret shows, and Eric and I rehearsed madly for our holiday shows – mine opened last weekend and his opens this weekend.  Either I had forgotten how rigorous professional rehearsals can be, or I’m simply older than I was last time I did it.  I am exhausted!  And incredibly happy to be fully immersed in creative projects while I’m home.

So, what happened to my Best Life Challenge?  Meh, I’m over it.  At least for now.  Without trying, November definitely turned out to be a Best Life Month, and one I’ll never forget.

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