It’s amazing, the things you think you can’t live without.  The things you think you can live without.  (Sweet guitar, after much internal discussion, I am very sorry to say that you are staying here.)  And the surrender that comes with finally zipping closed the bags.

This is what I’ll live with for the next two months: eighty (!) pounds of belongings that keep me in my daily routine, that allow me to feel like myself no matter where I am in the world without insulating me too much against the unfamiliar.  These eighty pounds actually do quite nicely for daily living, thank you very much, and make me sometimes boggle at the rest of the stuff that fills my house to bursting.  But that’s a different blog post.

By now, the fourth time I’ve packed for sixty days away, I’m getting pretty good at it.  Besides the usual needs – work clothes, toothbrush, socks – there are certain items that I’ve decided are my Comfort Essentials:

* enough journals to give me three pages a day for sixty days

* my pink Dr. Grip gel pen, plus two refills

* a small picture of Eric and me – our first self-portrait together, which he lovingly put in a blue wooden frame some years ago and which is always the first thing set on my bedside table

* my Sigg stainless steel reusable mug for coffee/tea, and my Klean Kanteen for water

* my favorite yoga pants, two yoga tops, sticky gloves and socks (in lieu of mat) and Zuda Yoga podcasts

* tarot cards and books so I can further study my 2011 moon cycle reading (more shall likely follow on this subject)

* two pairs of squishy slipper socks

* needles, notions, yarn and two books that will teach me how to knit and crochet flowers, so I can get started on my wedding bouquet

* an article of Eric’s clothing to sleep in (this is newest on my list of Comfort Essentials and Eric was quite happy at the request)

I didn’t want to go, but tonight I feel a peace and surrender wash over me.  I am going.  The time has come to buck up, put shoulders back, stare it in the face, bite down hard and suck out all the marrow it has to offer.  Let’s do this!  Korea, you’s my bitch!