I am really tired tonight, but if I don’t post every day I’ll start making excuses and start posting every 17th day, and then every 28th day, and things will go south right quick.  So here goes.

After a surprisingly good night’s sleep, including a middle-of-the-night phone call with Eric, I have spent this entire day traveling.  Eleven of us met in the hotel lobby at 7:30am, to board taxis for the 90-minute ride to Yongsan for paperwork.  One cab ride was enough to demonstrate why I do not have, and do not want, a rental car.  Oh, the traffic!  My favorite part was when our cab driver pulled out a stylus and used it to turn on his dashboard-mounted TV.  Yes, he watched TV while driving the highways of Seoul.  I got another glimpse of a Pierce Brosnan casino ad.  On this one, while Pierce smiled beckoningly from the billboard, the text simply read, “My name is Paradise.  Paradise Casino.”  Nice.

It’s…um…really effing cold here.  Cold in a bone-chilling, can’t-make-peace-with-it kind of way.  “Colder than a Swedish well-digger’s behind” if you know the old song.  (Bonus points for the person who actually does, and names that tune in my comments section.)

After paperwork at Yongsan, my co-worker and I headed for the Seoul train station and hopped a 3-hour ride to Daegu, where she’ll be working full time and I’ll be working every other week.  The person I’m replacing oriented me to the area in short order, and then we met up with the others and headed out for a bitchin’ $4 plate of Bulgogi (marinated beef dish).  Halfway through the meal my energy fell off the face of the earth and I was ready for bed.  Tomorrow will be more travel, and finally in the afternoon I will arrive at my homebase for the rest of my time here.  Ah, to finally unpack for real!

Next week begins with Martin Luther King Jr. Day, so I’m staring at a 3-day weekend and wondering what I can see in Seoul.  Monasteries, museums, musicals, markets?  Sounds good so far…