In Daegu my morning shift is across town from where I’m staying, so each morning I get a brisk 25-minute walk through town.  By brisk I mean slightly freezing.  Like, let’s try wearing yoga pants under our work pants and maybe our thighs won’t go numb kind of freezing.  And…I love it!  The walk wakes me up, and reminds me of where I am.  Walk with me!

A typical street corner, crowded with bright signs.

Hami Mami’s, run by Koreans, known for its American breakfasts and Philly cheesesteaks.

The area known as “Suicide Alley”.  There’s no sidewalk, so you just hug the parked cars, be careful, and don’t expect the cars to move out of your way!

Kim-chi pots.  These are absolutely everywhere and , as a foodie, I find it an exciting symbol of how important this food is to the Koreans, and how integral to their culture.  Talk about making the most of what you have!  In this northern climate not much grows, especially in the winter, so Koreans learned to ferment cabbage with lots of spices to preserve it.  The cabbage sits outside in these pots for weeks or even months.  We squeamish Americans might say “Ew!” but they know what they’re doing – the stuff is way more nutritious than just plain raw cabbage, providing loads of B vitamins and probiotics to keep your gut healthy.  I’ll probably talk more about it in another post because it’s so exciting to me!

Thanks for the walk!