Tonight I imported the contents of my first blog into this one.  Did you know I’ve been blogging on and off since February 2007?  Me neither!  It’s kind of fun to read back through old posts…well, some more fun than others.  My first blog inadvertently chronicled a break-up and a new relationship, and there are lessons there.  But I also found it interesting to read my very first blog post ever – and to see myself spiraling over the same territory again and again.  Each time though, hopefully from a little further up the mountain.

Wandernest is going through an evolution.  Well, I should really say that I am going through an evolution, and this blog is chronicling it as I go.  Korea will be my last faraway trip for the foreseeable future, and even while I’m enjoying the hell out of this country, inside I am all about HOME.  Home.  Family.  Cleaning.  Cooking.  Knitting.  Gardening.  Loving.  Connecting.  Simplifying.  Have – you – noticed?

I say it every once in a while and I’ll repeat it now: thanks so much for the time you’ve spent with me here, and joining in the conversation with me.  I hope you’ll find the continuing journey interesting – we’ll find out together where it leads!

County Donegal, Ireland.  October 2010.