Photo by hayleyalaska, found on flickr.  Permission requested.

As promised, here is my recipe for homemade deodorant.  (Truth is, there are a lot of different ways to do it and this is what seems to work best for our family. You can Google to your heart’s delight for variations, like this luscious version by angry chicken, or give this recipe a try and tweak it from there.)


3 Tbsp coconut oil

1 Tbsp baking soda

10 drops tea tree oil (optional)

5-10 drops lavender or your favorite essential oil (optional)

Mix all ingredients together and either put in a jar or stuff into an empty stick deodorant container.  Dip fingers into jar and spread on skin, or swipe stick-style with container.  Yields approx. 1/3 cup, enough to last 2 adults 2-3 months.

Now that the basics are out of the way, here is more information to help you find your own perfect concoction.

1. Even if you are a stinkless angel, it’s my opinion that we all deserve a little protection on one of the parts of our bodies that is almost always folded over onto itself.  You’re bound to build up a little moisture there in the course of the day, so a bit of deodorant keeps it clean and dry.

2. Good homemade deodorant has three essential elements: an absorber, a moisturizer, and a disinfectant.  A fourth optional element is scent.  You can use:

* absorber: baking soda, cornstarch, arrowroot powder

* moisturizer: coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, liquid Vitamin E

* disinfectant: coconut oil, tea tree oil, honey, grapefruit seed extract

* scent: pretty much any essential oil that you love

Did you notice that coconut oil is in two of those lists?  Yup.  That’s why it’s a main ingredient in my deodorant.  I use a fairly large ratio of coconut oil to baking soda because my skin is sensitive to the dryness caused by the baking soda, and too high a ratio gives me a rash.  Tinker with it until you find the ratio that’s right for you.  By the way, coconut oil will liquify at around 85 degrees, so if your house is not a steady temperature you might consider keeping it in your fridge.  (Who doesn’t like to stand half-naked in front of the fridge first thing in the morning?)  Our house is usually kept at a steady 68 degrees so our deodorant solidifies just fine.

There you have it!  Simple, inexpensive, and good for you.

Have you chucked your Secret for something simpler?  Tell me about it!