Photo courtesy of Stacy M. Bass, found on Flickr’s Creative Commons.

Welcome to February, Nesters!  This month I’m going to focus on the series that I’m now calling Clean & Simple.  Each week in February, I’m going to give you three simple recipes for homekeeping supplies in a different area of your home.  In this economy, but really in any economy, knowing how to make your dollars work for you is a valuable skill, and you wouldn’t believe how much money you can save if you spend just a few minutes making something for yourself.  And the best part, in my humble opinion?  You can make it exactly the way you want it. Do you love the cool, fresh scent of eucalyptus or warm, cozy clove?  Use essential oils to make cleaning time aromatherapy time, too.  Is your babe sensitive to the harsh chemicals in store-bought laundry detergent?  Make it yourself using gentle ingredients that will soothe skin, not irritate it.  Plus…I’ll admit I feel a little righteous stick-it-to-the-Man action when I can say, “Store-bought?  I don’t need no stinkin’ store-bought.  I can make it myself!”  (Did you feel it, too?)

Since my first Clean & Simple post gave you a recipe for homemade dish soap, we’ll stay in the kitchen for the rest of this week.  You might want to check out that first post and make sure you have the 7 ingredients on hand.  Stay tuned for two more recipes to keep your hearth happy and humming.  Have suggestions or requests?  Leave a comment and make your voice heard!