Oh, dear.  It’s one of the least glamorous jobs there is on the homekeeping side of life, but really it must be done.  And I am going to use a strong word here, but I hate commercial oven cleaner.  Always have.  The smell is horrible even with the stuff you scrub, but the stuff that you spray around inside and then cook for a while?  Yeesh.  It’s always been enough to make me avoid the job like the plague.

Until now!  This recipe and method make the job pretty painless.  And while it won’t necessarily aromatherapize your life (I’m leery of using essential oils in the oven due to lingering scents that might bake into my next pot roast) it will leave you with a clean oven and that satisfied feeling of a job frugally, naturally, and very well done.


1 Tbsp Borax

2 Tbsp liquid dish soap

1/4 cup distilled vinegar

2 cups hot water

baking soda (keep separate)

spray bottle

Mix all ingredients except baking soda in a spray bottle.  (This is one of those cleaning supplies that you probably don’t need very often, so rather than store a pre-mixed bottle, just whip up a batch when you need it.)


Do this at night, before you go to bed.  Take racks out of the oven and soak in hot soapy water in your sink (or bathtub if your sink isn’t big enough).  Spray all surfaces of the oven with the liquid mixture, then sprinkle baking soda over the liquid.  Then spray another coat of liquid over the baking soda.  Leave everything to soak overnight while you and your family sleeps, fume-free.  In the morning, wipe out the oven using rags, then give it a quick wash using dish soap.  Scrub the soaked racks and return them to the oven.  Voila!

Alright Nesters, we are done with the kitchen!  This weekend, a bit of general inspiration and an update on my stay in Korea.  Next week, let’s rock the laundry room!

P.S.  I totally forgot to give credit to the site that inspired me, TipNut.com.  Head on over and browse through all the great posts there – it could take a week!