Although it’s not very enlightened of me to say so, I have to admit that the chocolate bar I’m eating right now feels pretty damn good.  The last few days have put me through the ringer both physically and emotionally, and I’m thinking that tonight is one of those nights when I would love to curl up in my favorite smooshy blanket, or a beloved’s arms, maybe have a good cry on the rump of my snuggly dog, or put the day behind me with a favorite comedy on TV.

However, I am alone in a hotel room on the other side of the world from my beloved, my snuggly dog, my smooshy blanket, and my favorite laugh-out-loud comedy.  (It’s Hot Fuzz, in case you were wondering.)  An intense Skype conversation earlier in the day ended abruptly, when my cathartic tears were interrupted by the hotel housekeeping crew, who were tired of waiting to clean my room and just barged in all smiles and no English.  While my bed got made I finished my cry in the bathroom, washed my face and went back to work where, thankfully, no one asked me how my day was going.

I’m not sure why I’m writing this to be published on the world wide web, but I guess it’s an attempt to connect, which is what my blog has always been.  Many of you have tuned in over the last several months to hear about my faraway adventures, and it’s been fun to share those things with you.  Lately I’ve turned my attention toward home and things to do with the mundane everyday-ness of home, because believe it or not, it really truly interests me to know how soap is made!  But I guess I’ve also been dreaming to get through.  I guess I’ve been trying to avoid telling you that I’m just not having a great time over here and that I’d truly rather be home.  I mean seriously, who wants to hear that?  But it’s real.  So I’m going to take a chance that if you’ve tuned in for the adventure, you want to hear all of it.

I’ll be forever grateful that my many trips and adventures have trained me in the art of self-comfort.  Tonight I will employ the following self-comfort measures: dark chocolate (in progress), lots of water, finish work duties swiftly and turn the TV on to the silliest thing I can find.  Get in PJ’s at 8:00pm and knit in bed while watching TV.  Absolutely no journaling tonight; no more processing.  Feeling is allowed, and talking out loud to myself if necessary.  Aim to turn everything off at 9pm for a good night’s sleep,unless “Parenthood” or “Glee” is on; in which case, stay up until 10pm.  Pray for a great night’s sleep to rejuvenate my senses and nerves so I can make it to Friday afternoon without accidentally strangling any face-kicking three-year-olds.

It ain’t what I described above (beloved, blanket, dog rump and all) and it’s definitely not the enlightened person’s self-comfort guide, but I’m just not sure that red clover tea and sun salutations are going to cut the mustard tonight.  And anyway, chocolate and bed-knitting is certainly better than the alternative, which is needing comfort and not knowing how to get it at all.

It’s been rather quiet here at the Nest of late, but I’ll ask anyway: What are your favorite self-comfort measures?  What would you do if you were having a bad day on the other side of the world from everything that usually gives you comfort and solace?