Instead of my usual Friday “Joy Pockets” series, I decided to share a bit more about my week.  Those of you who read regularly know that I had a bit of a tough week, and I want to thank you for reaching out and providing your own brand of comfort for me.  I could feel the love, people!  And I am grateful.

Today started out with snow – some of the biggest flakes I remember seeing, ever! After a morning of work, I had some trouble getting back to my homebase due to a train accident that put the usually punctual Korail system on its ear.  I could tell immediately that something was wrong: there were Korail workers everywhere and people who normally look like they could sleepwalk their commute were suddenly alert and anxious.  My first train was delayed, then my second train didn’t arrive; I was shuttled onto a third train and told to get off where, it turns out, that particular train doesn’t stop.  It added some extra time to my trip home and I was pretty tired, but strangely enough, cool with it.  At some point I just pulled out my iPhone and snapped some Hipstamatic pictures to document the day.


Can you see the snowflakes?


So polite!


I really do love my Hipstamatic app, the way a painter loves her brushes.  How strange and wonderful that it costs six dollars and fits inside my phone.

Rather than post more laundry recipes, I went back and edited Monday’s post to include two more.  I’ll do the same for the next two weeks – three recipes a week, as promised, all in one post per week.  Why?  Because I said I would.  And because I like it!  Someday, when you’re all out of laundry soap and can’t get anywhere because your train has gone off the rails and is nowhere to be found and you have nothing at all to wear…you’ll thank me.

TGIF, folks!