Newly planted vegetable beds, Spring 2009.

Two weeks from today I will be home!  Oh friends, I can’t tell you how happy that makes me.  Awaiting me at home is a fiancé to hold tight, a wedding to plan, a house to remodel, a dog to walk, a kitchen to put to constant use, a whole boatload of people to hug and kiss and catch up with over coffee…and a blog to kick into high gear.  So much of what I want to write about is theoretical in this moment, and I can’t wait to get home so I put theory into practice and share experience rather than speculation.  I am itchy to hit home soil, folks!

Food has become a constant touchstone for me, of the difference between home and away.  Today I am grateful to be back in the hotel room that has a kitchen, after a week of doing my best and yesterday’s disastrous 3-meal grainfest that left me irritable, bloated, and unable to sleep.  (I normally never eat grains, so the rice-with-everything mentality here is a bit much.)  On the TV right now is Julie & Julia, one of my favorite background movies, and I am mulling over menu plans and the best way to make mayonnaise.  I am making a list of kitchen items to add to our wedding registry, such as this, these and this.  I mean, come on.  I am re-reading The Primal Blueprint and remembering why I was so enthusiastic about it when I first read it last spring – and also how fantastic I felt when I was eating the way its author suggests.  I’ve also been watching a five-hour DVD set about nourishing traditional foods, which I brought with me to Korea for some weekend leisure watching.  I’m not kidding!  All this, while I continue to struggle at times to find food that my body likes.  Korea, God bless ya, but your food is generally not for my body.

At the same time, this is the point in my trip when I’m familiar enough with the country to know what I want to experience in my remaining time, and that time is growing short.  So expect more Wandernest over the next two weeks, and then I will dig deep into home…just in time to plant the vegetable garden again (now if I can just learn how to tend it and bring it to harvest), keep up the kombucha that Eric has lovingly tended in my absence, dust off my sewing machine, and learn how to throw a big-ass party with some wedding vows in the middle of it.

Quick poll: What have you enjoyed most here so far?  What would you most like to read about in the coming months?  What keeps you coming back?  Please leave a comment if you are so inclined.

(Editor’s Note: This was mistakenly posted on 2/27/11, but was meant to be the daily post for 2/28/11.  You would think I’d have this whole being-a-day-ahead thing down!)