Few things relax me like knitting, and I am forever grateful to Martha, Lisa, and so many other crafty women who got me going and keep me inspired.  What’s been on the needles over here in SoKo?  I sheepishly admit that babies have been on the brain, not just in terms of how to keep ’em clean, but also how to keep ’em clothed!

(All links below are for Ravelry.com and should work for members. If you knit or crochet and are not a member, get over there post haste!  It’s amazing!)

First up, a sweet set for a friend’s baby, who was born just before I left home.  I just loved this Poppy hat as soon as I saw it on Ravelry, and the creamy Plymouth Earth Oceanside Organic cotton yarn that I bought two years ago in Texas just fit the bill perfectly.  You might notice the little bumps in the wedge sections; I’m hopeful that they’ll smooth out with blocking, but even if they don’t I think it’s a sweet hat.  The finishing touch, a seashell button on the brim, will have to wait until I get home.

With Poppy is a pair of baby booties that are 2/3 done, and I used every spare inch of that Oceanside Organic to get two evenly done.  The top portion will be made in the same cotton in a soft sage, which I have at home, and finished with matching smaller seashell buttons.

Just this week I started work on the Oriental Lily tunic, another bit of kiddie clothing that I just think is an adorable pattern.  The yarn is Rowan All Seasons Cotton, bought last year for a crochet project that never happened and in need of a home.  There’s a skein of light pink as well, but I just love the combination of hot pink and lime green for a spring frock.  I’ve just about run out of the pink, but I can get two more skeins at home and finish it off just fine.  I hope that the lime green contrast will forgive the fact that the pink doesn’t all come from the same dye lot.

Since the Oriental Lily pattern calls for DK weight yarn and I used aran weight, I started it with no idea how big it might turn out.  Now that I’ve measured the waist, it looks like it’ll fit a 2-year-old…hm…not sure who’ll end up wearing it!

I brought two books to Korea, full of patterns for knitted and crocheted flowers, with the plan to madly make tons of flowers to use for my wedding bouquet this September.  It did not happen!  Mostly because I realized too late that the patterns mostly call for smaller needles than what I have.  This peony was an experiment to see what would happen if I sized up; I love the tonal variations of the di.Vé Teseo yarn, but the flower is a bit big so we’ll see.  If it doesn’t end up in the bouquet, I can turn it into a fun lapel pin or something else.

Also on the needles is an experiment; if it works, it will be my first original pattern!  Very exciting for me – I’ll update as things progress.