It’s true, Eric has another woman at home. She’s sleek and sultry, with caramel pools of eyes against a silky, speedy black body.  He overlooks the chin whiskers.

Eric found her (or should I say she found Eric?) just over two years ago, and the two of them were best friends by the end of the afternoon.

They are constant companions, with a friendship and trust that is rare and beautiful to witness.  I’m learning from their relationship what a remarkable father Eric will be to any child lucky enough to come into our life.

Sometimes it might appear to the outsider that they are a bit too close.

She provides comfort and companionship to the poor guy while I’m away, and although she loves me too, she definitely has mixed feelings about my homecoming which inevitably comes with her getting kicked out of the bed.

Oh, Harper.  Don’t look so disgruntled.  There’s plenty of Eric to go around.