Sorry to be a day late with my post – jetlag has been more ferocious than expected!  I thought it would be nice to ease back into the Nest with a little photo essay of my favorite corners of home.

Our backyard camellia tree, in full bloom, carpeting the undergrowth in pink.  A blue adirondack chair sits nearby, awaiting Eric’s sun-drenched morning meditation.

Buddha enjoying the colorful spring morning.  He was given to me and an ex years ago, by the realtor who sold us our house.  I’m grateful to have it now to watch over Eric and me, bringing joy and peace to our garden.

A woodblock print by Lizzy House that I bought at the spring Squam Art Workshop in 2009.  Even though I was not taking great care of my money at the time and used a credit card to get it, not much in the house brings me more pleasure. Shakespeare’s Sonnet 12 graces the lower half of the print, providing roots for the lonely tree on the topside world.

My reading (and re-reading) pile.  Many of the books can be found on my Good Reads list.  Apparently food and nourishment continue to top the list of interest right now, plus a smattering of wedding and family material for good measure.

Yesterday Eric, his parents and I met with the architect for our house remodel.  It’s going to be a wild ride this summer, folks!  And I can’t wait to share all about it.  Planning a wedding, living through a remodel, and contemplating what’s next all collide this season on Maggie’s Nest!