Today I received a wonderful gift in the mail, the result of a request tossed out into the world of social media on a whim.  A few weeks ago I quipped on Facebook: “Does anyone happen to have a copy of Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking?  And not use it?  And want to donate it to a foodie like myself?”  An old high school friend replied that she did and she didn’t and she would – voila! Amazing, this world we live in.

The book arrived this morning, and I actually can’t believe how excited I am to dig into it.  Ever since I saw Julie & Julia two summers ago I have just fallen in love with this woman who discovered her consuming passion for food in the middle of her life (it does seem a familiar story…) and who, I suspect, helped to pass along some traditional French food wisdom to the mid-20th century American housewife who, by that time, had already begun to lose the old ways amidst the boxed and canned convenience of the times.

The introduction is soaked with Julia’s enthusiasm for food, and her memories of how much it was a part of social life when the book was first published.  I was only able to get a few pages in before I had to close it to tend to the business of the day; I’m just itching to tuck in again as soon as I can.

As an added bonus, the cover of the book provided me with a perfect illustration of the colors I want to take center stage at our wedding in September: my now favorite color-combination obsession of poppy orange-red, aqua, and cream.

Isn’t that fantastic?  I’ll be carrying the book with me for the next six months, holding it up against neckties and floral arrangements, and reading up on aspics while my nieces are trying on their flowergirl dresses.  Delightful!