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Today a gluten-intolerant friend of mine shared the following sentiment with me:

“I am teetering on the edge of having the courage to start [GAPS]….  Honestly, I think it should take less courage to try this diet on the very good chance that it WILL improve my health, than to…deal with [gluten sensitivity] for the rest of our lives!!”

And yet, curiously enough, it’s often overwhelming to consider trying something new.  After all, living with a food allergy/sensitivity has already taken a tremendous amount of energy.  We’ve had to read ingredient labels incessantly, give up some of our favorite foods (cold cereal for me – wah!), become a high-maintenance dinner guest, and listen to so many people wonder how we ever do without the foods that make us sick, that make us hurt, that make our bodies not work as well as they should.

It’s already taken a lot, and maybe, we think, maybe it’s easier just to live like this than to take on even more restrictions!  Even if it’s not forever.  Even if it might heal us for good so that we don’t have to be that high-maintenance guest or bring our magnifying glass to the grocery store anymore.  Even with all that, is it worth it?

I get it, friends, I really do.  And I wonder, if you’re thinking about trying GAPS (or something else, for that matter), let’s lay out all the fears and obstacles right now.  Are you worried that you won’t be able to stick with it?  That you don’t have the time to cook homemade foods?  That you’ll be hungry, or unsatisfied?  Or maybe the idea of die-off symptoms is scary all by itself?

I want to hear all this stuff from you. It’s often helpful to just get it all out, to let yourself whine and worry and express all that stuff that’s keeping you from moving forward.  And really, by getting it all out, who knows what could happen next?  Maybe courage.  Maybe comradeship.  Maybe clarity.  Who knows?