“And I’m up on the airplane…nearer my God to thee…I start making a deal…inspired by gravity…”

The Indigo Girls song “Airplane” was my mental accompaniment today as I crossed a couple thousand miles to Texas.  I’m not excited, but I’m not bitching either; it’s needed work and I’m glad for the opportunity.  It does mean that I will be away from home while Eric and his folks finalize the plans for our house remodel, and pack up the house.  In six weeks I’ll come home to a torn apart house!  What a trip.

My nutritional accompaniment on this fine day was an old Quik Stop thermos of stewed chicken and vegetables, soaked with just enough sauerkraut juice to keep the mixture moist but not liquid – you know, no liquids get through security!  I was given great advice to separately pack some 2 oz bottles of broth in a quart-sized bag (broth shooters!) but didn’t get around to it so I made the best of what I had.

Fortunately, I find that I’m not nearly as hungry on GAPS as I was before.  I get through the day just fine on about 4 bowls of soup, and if I have to wait an hour or two after the first hunger pangs, I’m not ravenous or panicky.  Awesome!

On Monday I mentioned that I would be trying a new food that day: the GAPS pancake, made of nut butter, butternut squash and egg and fried in ghee.  Oh friends, let me tell you, I had one small pancake (about 3-4 inches in diameter) and went down like a ton of bricks, literally!  It sat angrily in my stomach for hours and hours, causing cramps and bloating and all sorts of havoc.  It was quite unpleasant, but it also very educational, as it made very clear that my gut is in bad shape and really needs this healing protocol.  There will be no breezing through the introduction diet for me!  At this point I’ve taken out all additions; I’m back to soup and probiotic juice, and I expect that I’ll be lucky to return from Texas with anything more than Stage 2 foods introduced.  I’m making peace with that possibility – after all, there’s no point in doing this diet if I’m not going to do it right!

BONUS: I got to my hotel tonight, and found out that I’ve actually been placed in an apartment with a full kitchen!  This is such a huge relief, friends.  I was working hard to surrender to several weeks of very creative cookery, but what a blessing to have a stove and pots and pans and dishes!  The GAPS gods are on my side.  (Fingers crossed that it’s not a cruel joke!)