Joy Pockets: always inspired by Holistic Mama

Strange, to have an edition of Joy Pockets in the middle of a so-so week here in west Texas.  But then again, maybe that’s the perfect time to count my blessings.  So here goes, my joy pockets for the week.




rekindling morning pages

& meditation

a kitchen that has everything I need

that really killer game of Connect 4

GAPS and the healing that’s starting to happen


the courage to start

the courage to continue

free inspiration for Kindle readers

accepting that I now have the curly hair I always wanted

learning one way to care for it


loving through thick and thin

dreams coming into focus

saying yes

more chicken broth

more healing

really feeling the feelings until they melt

she needed to talk and I could listen with love

letting go of expertness

embracing learningness

allowing the contrast

(without the shadow we can’t see the light)

leaning into the perfect now