I don’t know why, but this picture just makes me giggle.  My little egg looks a hungry baby slurping up its yolk!  Okay, that sounds a little gross now that it’s out there…I’ll move on.  (But behold that beautiful, thick, deep orange yolk!  That’s a sign of a nutrient-rich egg!)

Week 3 rocked, with all re-introductions going very well!  In addition to my broth, sauerkraut juice, and cooked meat and veggies; I can now eat homemade yogurt, raw egg yolks, casseroles (meat and veggies separate from broth), and now – dunh dunh DUUUUHN! – soft-boiled eggs!  It’s a banner day, friends.

Now, I just ate the above-pictured egg, and although it went down with no pain at all (unlike the poached eggs I tried to eat at the end of my first week on the diet) I still need to wait and see if any symptoms develop over the next few days.

Number one symptom for me, oddly enough, is cellulite.  I always had cellulite on my thighs, all my life – even when I was at my skinniest with only had 130 pounds on my 5’10” frame.  It vexed and perplexed me to no end, being the primary reason why anyone rarely sees me in a bathing suit.  But three years ago I went through a period of cutting out a lot of foods as an experiment, and I found much to my surprise that cutting eggs from my diet also cut the cellulite from my thighs!  I later learned that this is a common reaction to food intolerances; not necessarily cellulite, but “false fat“.  It’s pretty fascinating, and worth a quick read.

This is exactly the kind of unexpected gift of my many food experiments over the years: a steadily growing awareness of my body’s signals with regards to its food.  Besides producing cellulite, for example, in the past I’ve also found that eating eggs produced fierce sugar cravings.  Strange, right?  But definitely worth knowing.  Some people take the attitude of “I don’t wanna know”, but really, I can’t tell you how empowering it is to learn to listen to my body, and choose to follow what it’s telling me.

So, what’s next?  Well, I’ve had trouble figuring out the fermented fish, the last re-introduction on Stage 2…and for now I’m going to skip it.  I did buy a beautiful piece of Sockeye salmon this weekend, and if I can figure out how to ferment it by today or tomorrow then it will go in the rotation, but otherwise I am, with cautious optimism, moving on to Stage 3 foods.

First up, actual sauerkraut and not just the juice.  I know, I know!  Let’s not get too overheated with excitement!  All kidding aside I am excited about this step, because it signals the first raw food I’ll have had in quite a while and of course many people think sauerkraut is just about the healthiest food on the planet, being so chock-full of probiotics and digestive enzymes as well as a host of vitamins that are enhanced by the fermentation process.  So sauerkraut goes in next, followed by avocado.  Avocado did not go well when I tried to re-introduce it in the first week, but l.ooking back I did it too quickly and ate too much of it.  So 1 teaspoon at a time will hopefully do the trick

It’s really helpful to summarize my progress once a week, so thanks for reading!  If you’re on the diet, let me know where you are and how it’s going.  I love the community that I’m finding around GAPS!