This week has been all about mood – mine has plummeted.  I was slightly heartened to hear on the GAPS Guide blog that others are experiencing a similar mood dip in their fourth week, but it is no fun at all, friends.  I haven’t had much energy for blogging, or really for much of anything.  The secret, I’m told, is to take lots of die-off baths; I’ve been neglecting this practice, but start back up tonight and should take one bath a day to try and clear some of the toxins that are contributing to my state of mind.  Popular die-off baths use sea salt, baking soda, apple cider vinegar, or epsom salts and are rotated each day.  I’ll start back up with baking soda tonight, and then rotate through each one for the rest of the week.

In the meantime, I finally re-introduced the last food in Stage 2, and by Wednesday I will start Stage 3.  I’m starting to think it’s very important to stay steady, and keep introducing foods rather than my tendency, which has been to get overly-confident and add foods too quickly, then retreat and stay stagnant at a “safe” stage for too long.  Time for consistency!  Back to my GAPS Intro Chart.

Last week I made sauerkraut so I could have a big batch of the juice for my probiotic; with only a scant tablespoon of sea salt for a quart of cabbage, I thought quickly and subbed in the juice of one lemon for the rest of the salt.  I figured the acidity would do the same job as the salt, of providing an acidic environment for the probiotic bacteria to develop.  I think it did the trick, and now I have almost a quart of sauerkraut juice to continue the gut healing.

How’s it going for everyone else?