Photo courtesy of Julie McLeod.

On Monday I wrote a little about the mood issues that I’ve been battling for the last several days, and unfortunately that battle continues so almost all of my energy has been focused on taking care of myself as best I can.  I’m going to do my best to post as often as I can, but I don’t know when I’ll get back to a post a day.  Thanks for your patience, friends.

I was fortunate enough to spend half of yesterday with a dear, dear friend; it was my birthday and I knew that it would be nourishing to spend the day with an actual person in my circle of loved ones, rather than alone on the plains of west Texas.  We walked and talked for hours, had a lovely light dinner together (my GAPS intro-friendly dish?  Asparagus spears poached in veal stock.) and both of us remarked how the companionship and support felt like cream on parched bones.  It was much needed, and as satisfying to give as to receive.

After we parted ways for the evening, I was lucky enough to have an evening relay of phone calls that continued to fill me up.  A birthday is an awful day to feel low, but a great day to be reminded of all the wonderful, loving and supportive people in your life.  The Facebook greetings alone had me in tears, and the soulful conversations with amazing people who I am lucky enough to call friends, reminded me of just how good things are.

As much as this traveling job feeds my wanderlust and creates a pretty adventurous life, I can’t say how much (especially right now) I miss having the people I love around me, to lean on and to be leaned upon.  The nurture and nourishment that comes from connection is one that I hope I never take for granted again.

Which connections feed and nourish you?  Maybe there’s someone you can reach out to, now.