Furled.  Photo courtesy of Davedehetre.

There’s a natural ebb and flow to life, with seasons of effusing one’s essence out into the world, and seasons of pulling in to gather strength for the next storm.  I am in the midst of a decidedly furling season.  Some personal earthquakes are in process, taking place in private corners of my life and very much needing my attention and energy.

The only thing arousing much enthusiasm or passion at the moment is the thing I keep coming back to on the blog: healing through traditional foods wisdom and the revolution that’s taking place far and wide across this country for free access and choice to real food.  I catch a spark of excitement every time I read about things like the recent rally on Capitol Hill, protesting the year-long FDA sting operation of an Amish dairy farmer and fighting for the right to drink raw milk.  Or the mother who healed her son’s cavity with cod liver oil and butter oil.  (You read that right.)  Or why Ron Paul is my new favorite politician.  These stories represent a shift toward self-reliance, choice, freedom, and independence from the centralized food system that is doing much more harm than we are being told.  People are taking back their food freedom, and sometimes it’s a hard-won battle!

I’ll have some exciting news to share next week about Maggie’s Nest, and in this moment I am realizing that I really, truly love learning and sharing all this food wisdom.  I love hearing about people who are healing their families with food.  I love the healing I’m witnessing in my own body as I continue with the GAPS diet, and I love the thought that by the end of the year I may very well be a certified GAPS practitioner, so that I can spread  the word to those suffering with diseases I now firmly believe to be originating in our modern relationship to food.  I love helping people find their way to their best selves, and there’s hardly anything that could be more fundamental than the vibrant self that comes forward when the body is well nourished.

Today I’m grateful to witness in my furled self the spark of passion that keeps lighting up the dark places in my weary soul.  And I’m eager to stoke that spark to life and see what’s wanting to come forth.