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So I high-tailed it for Rome right after work.  Another 11th-hour change-up lay ahead of me, though: the plan to drive to Aversa, about 2 km away from where I’m staying, leave my car there and take the train to Rome was completely derailed when I pulled into the parking lot and (I think) determined with my scant Italian that it would cost around €70-100 to park for the weekend. $100-130?!  Uh, that would be a fuck to the no, thank you very little.  I eyed the clock and punched my new hotel address into the GPS – if I hurried I’d make it there in time to check in and then get to Micca Club for the Kabarett Berlin.  Well, all righty then.  Note to self: take a taxi to Aversa for future train rides.

The drive was blessedly uneventful.  I got checked in at the simple, lovely Hotel Papa Germano, got directions to Micca Club, and set off on foot.

Now, working with kids all day as a counselor can sometimes be enough to make one feel like one has the anatomy of a Cabbage Patch Doll.  And traveling in general, is not necessarily a high-fashion activity (can we say zip-off cargo pants/shorts and shapeless nylon button-down camp shirts?)  All I’m saying is, sometimes a girl’s got to get her sexy on, just to remember it’s there!  Rome is a city for lovers and although I’m single, it still seemed like the perfect place to do a little away-from-work struttin’.  Are you with me, single ladies?  So I walked to the club in my hot red leather high-heeled boots, encouraged in my endeavor by this fun post at Single Minded Women and the fashion advice in this USA Today article.

The club was underground and totally looked like the place where Austin Powers would hang out with the cast of The Adventures of Baron Munschausen.  The 60’s-Brit/Steampunk vibe was somehow 100% Rome, and I settled in for the show which didn’t disappoint – entirely in Italian except for a sing-along of “Tainted Love”, but it didn’t matter; it was fun, and the crowd was wildly engaged.  Here’s a little taste of the narrator who reeled us all in with her flawless Berlin cabaret style, whooping and hollering the whole way.

The show was total blast, and a great introduction to the Roman nightlife.  After the half-hour walk there, though, and standing for the entire show, the walk home along the ankle-turning ancient cobblestone seemed to grow longer…and longer…and my sexy was starting to limp, which some will say is markedly less hot.  Well, no problem, I thought as I hailed a cab; I can…make it…ugh.  Except Rome is as much a city for walkers as it is for lovers, and by the end of the night, as I gnawed on my midnight snack of döner kebab down the street from the hotel, I finally admitted to myself that yes, one should definitely wear heels in Rome!  But one should also bring flats.  Which I had not.  Oh, dear.  I went to bed after determining my first stop the next morning – the nearest shoe shop.

Intrepid travelers: How do you pack so that you don’t look like you stepped out of the boxy, formless, flat-footed clothing section of an REI catalog?  My must-have item has become my Gap Curvy jeans in dark wash.  They go with everything, work with flats or heels, dress up or down, and glorify my curves without a hint of muffintop.  Can I get a hallelujah!  

What’s your favorite travel-friendly fashion item?