Some things to know about me, which you’ll gather pretty easily once you start reading.

I love food.  I love local, sustainable, family-farmed, consciously created food.  I have opinions about the rest.

I love to travel.  Sometimes I get lonely, so I blog to share my travel experiences and feel like I have a companion on the road.

I love to create.  I act, sing, write, cook, bake, knit, sew, and any other creative verb I can think of.

I’m a domestic goddess currently living a gypsy-like single-girl existence.  Still, I have opinions about things like homekeeping (even though I don’t have one right now) and child-rearing (even though I don’t have one right now) and relationship-having (even though I don’t have one right now).

All of this will change, because I am pretty changeable and just now learning to embrace it.  So who knows what you’ll find here in the end!  Enjoy it all.