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I first published this post in 2007, and one of my friends has reminded me of it incessantly ever since…every time I forget this about myself.  It goes along quite nicely with Refusing To Choose, no?  As I pack to leave Texas (yes, today!) I stare down at my beloved knitting bag, which has gotten maybe 20 minutes of use in the last six weeks.  Sigh.  I’m also reminded of how long food has been an ongoing jag for me – it never really goes completely out of circulation.

I just learned this word while reading a magazine article about a local foodie. A jag is apparently an obsession, or as put it, “a period of unrestrained indulgence in an activity; spree; binge.” This seems to describe me quite well – much to the chagrin of many of my loved ones. I get on jags, I collect them, I circulate my jags and give them time to breathe. Like shoes. If I stick with a jag too long, it loses some kind of magic for me, but coming upon a fresh jag (or better, coming back to a pleasurable old jag) keeps things lively. Read the rest of this entry »



We are all creative beings, and it’s the drive to create that moves us all out into the world.  Don’t you think?  I really think so.  From my humble beginnings creating mud pies on the sidewalk after a rainstorm, through a lifetime of creative endeavors including acting, singing, songwriting, directing, cooking, baking, growing, learning, blogging and other experiences, I’ve never stopped having a taste for the magic of creation – and I hope I never do. Read the rest of this entry »


Begin.  Ireland, September 2010.

Blogging every day means that some days you really have to dig to find something worth writing about – and I guess that’s kind of the whole point.  Creative practice means coming to the page, the guitar, the easel every day no matter what, and writing, strumming, painting through all the crap, all the garbage that is No Good.  We have to throw all that No Good stuff out there, give it expression, let it fly.  It’s intimidating, and sometimes downright terrifying, but the alternative is worse. Read the rest of this entry »

Back in December I was offered a Kindle as a Christmas gift, and in a decluttering fervor declined on the principle that I already had the Kindle app on my iPhone; did I really need the actual Kindle?  Eric accepted the holiday deal, though, and within a few days of watching him enjoy his new gizmo I regretted my decision.  Really, you can only read for so long on a screen the size of your 7th grade school picture, and the back-lighting made it hard for me to read before bed without interrupting that all-important melatonin production.  Plus, I found out that you can upload PDF’s to the Kindle, which means that I can carry knitting projects, e-books in PDF format, and even my cheat sheet of GAPS diet do’s and don’ts – without fussing over a lot of paper.  Finally, I like the idea of going paperless and had already started buying into the e-book market with my app, but I found that I wasn’t reading those e-books as often as I would have liked because I just didn’t love reading off a computer screen. Read the rest of this entry »

Friends…I sing. And I love to sing; it is one of my favorite creative activities. This week I had the privilege of performing in a cabaret, and talking with a fellow performer reminded me what a gift it is, to give a song to someone. So this morning I give this to you. Happy Sunday.

Today I received a wonderful gift in the mail, the result of a request tossed out into the world of social media on a whim.  A few weeks ago I quipped on Facebook: “Does anyone happen to have a copy of Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking?  And not use it?  And want to donate it to a foodie like myself?”  An old high school friend replied that she did and she didn’t and she would – voila! Amazing, this world we live in. Read the rest of this entry »

The first time I chose paint for a room was in my early 20’s.  I shared a 3-bedroom apartment in Queens with two other actors and a costume designer, and spending $25 on a gallon of paint was quite an investment for this then-starving artist; coming up with another twenty-five bucks if I hated the color would have meant a good week or so on cornflakes, so you’d think I would have chosen conservatively.  Ha! Read the rest of this entry »

Few things relax me like knitting, and I am forever grateful to Martha, Lisa, and so many other crafty women who got me going and keep me inspired.  What’s been on the needles over here in SoKo?  I sheepishly admit that babies have been on the brain, not just in terms of how to keep ’em clean, but also how to keep ’em clothed! Read the rest of this entry »

Field at rest.  Germany, August 2010.

I can feel it breaking over me like a gray wave: the fallow period.  I used to freak out when it came, worry that I’d never be creative again; I no longer have such fears.  I’m learning that my creative process is one of ebbs and flows, and I can always count on a fertile patch being followed by a time when my soil requires rest and rejuvenation.  The external will always balance itself with the internal, and inward I go to meet it.  How to keep a daily blog when this happens?  I guess I’m just going to acknowledge it, let it be here without a fight, and see what it has to teach  me.

Instead of my usual Friday “Joy Pockets” series, I decided to share a bit more about my week.  Those of you who read regularly know that I had a bit of a tough week, and I want to thank you for reaching out and providing your own brand of comfort for me.  I could feel the love, people!   Read the rest of this entry »

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