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Joy Pockets: always inspired by Holistic Mama

Strange, to have an edition of Joy Pockets in the middle of a so-so week here in west Texas.  But then again, maybe that’s the perfect time to count my blessings.  So here goes, my joy pockets for the week. Read the rest of this entry »


inspired as always by Holistic Mama

a sweet reminder of summer, in the dead of winter
the quick phone call that turned into a 40-minute soul connection
nine hours of sleep in a row
people who are way more fascinatingly detail-oriented than myself
taking a “boat” ride to the “zoo animals” on the pre-school playground
and a good game of duck duck goose
medicine bundles, pixie and powerful just like their creator
What’s your joy this week?

as always, inspired by Holistic Mama

early morning Skype surprises

incredibly juicy inspiration

captured snowball fights that make me feel not so far from home

free movies on chilly nights

an unexpected letter of encouragement, trust, faith and friendship

a whole country that honors the moon

my own private honoring

trusting my voice

a once-in-a-hundred-lifetimes love that anchors me in my heart


What’s your joy this week?

(This series is inspired by Holistic Mama’s Joy Pockets, so in keeping with the spirit of things I am changing the series name from “This Week in Gratitude” to…originally enough…”Joy Pockets”.)

a sculpted parade of Korean zodiac characters

seeing my niece & nephew in Mickey Mouse hats on Skype

seeing things in a new light

saturated fat

the hottest shower I can stand

whispering with Eric about our future

unexpected chats, voicemails and notes from friends back home

ahhhhh – back in Pyeongtaek

lights out at 9pm


By the way, I should have mentioned this earlier but forgot: This Week In Gratitude was inspired by Joy Pockets, found just often enough at Holistic Mama.

the big ceramic mug full of coffee that warms my hands

Bill Prysocki’s yoga podcasts that make me laugh and burst into tears every. single. time

the gifts that spill out when I’m really present with children

crunching snow underfoot on bright, crystalline days

the endless inspiration at Ravelry

allowing myself to be moved by the lessons children teach me

friends who say “Yes!” when I say “Can I really?”

being able to believe it myself


What are you grateful for?

Red Sunrise Over Seoul, January 2011

the enormous golden Buddha that watches over me as I sidestep the scooters and cars driving on the sidewalk

hooking into the spirit of adventure and saying “heeeee-yah!!!!”

love burning so bright that I can see its glow off the 5,659 mile horizon

silk long underwear

appreciating the human-ness that always exists beyond the language and culture “barriers”

13,007 steps logged on my pedometer today

morning pages and Inner Bonding to keep me centered, compassionate and loving toward myself and others

dry hot chocolate and decaf coffee in my travel mug (aka hotel lobby continental breakfast mocha)

Skype to connect me to home

one Korean phrase a day to connect me to here

prayer to connect me to everything


What are you grateful for?

long calls with close friends living far away

finding all the ingredients for slow-cooker lamb shanks, already in the house

my 14th month without credit cards

slow time with Eric to connect and enjoy one another

seeing that abundance is least of all a financial thing

my blessedly good memory for learning things quickly

generous parents and soon-to-be-parents-in-law who lovingly give time, money and other resources to the next generation

camellia trees blooming off the back porch

my sister’s spiced coffee

opportunities to shine

dreaming of this summer’s backyard vegetable garden

sweeping aside the fear and opening to the learning

What are you grateful for?

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