If you’ve spent any time in the blogosphere, you know that what I’m talking about here isn’t really original; it’s part of a larger conversation happening in the ‘sphere, on the web, and in our culture, too.  That’s totally exciting to me!  When I was first getting started with my blog, I went searching for people who were talking about what interested me, and what I’ve ended up with is my own community here on the web.  If you’re looking for inspiration, or trying to find your tribe, these might be some good places to look.  This page is always evolving as I find new resources, so check back whenever you like, and email me if you know of a resources that you really think should be on the list.

Nourished Kitchen


Small Notebook


The Nourishing Gourmet

Simple Mom

angry chicken


Weston A. Price Foundation

Nourishing Days

The Pink Coyote

Holistic Mama